File with Rage Against the Machine, QOTSA, Wolfmother and Paramore in a world where Kings Of Leon and House Of Pain might meet. Possibly. Their messy mix of 70s guitar and 90s rock/rap is slick as hell and inexplicably exciting so who needs indie whimsy when you've got scorched-earth desert punk as venomous as this? The singer and guitarist were raised in Chevrolet Corvette country by Jesus freaks who found God on acid and churn out big fat riffs over lyrics about fornicating and fighting. Genre-mixing genius and not derivate dolly-mixture lite like so much these days, they're a crushed beer can on the front porch; a shag in the haystack; a revelation.  Advance tickets bundled with three formats of the latest single are available exclusively from this direct Recordstore link until Wednesday September 3 - hurry!

Please note you must be 14 or over to gain admittance - read our ID policy.

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