With electronic music becoming more polished and quantized, Boddika's arrival has shaken the scene to its very core, slamming down with a raw take on things that's making all journalists scramble for the right genre tag. Is it electro? Techno? Old? New? Harking the expansive sounds of Luke Vibert, the analogue programming of Juan Atkins early work, and the rawness of the Drexciya/Dopplereffekt family, Boddika is the newest project of Al Green, 1/2 of the boundary-pushing duo that's re-written the rules completely, Instra:mental.

"For the rest of the year, I'm thinking of writing an album. I'm going to keep changing direction with my sound as I have so many ideas. All I can say is expect the unexpected; I'm going to make the most of this project and don't plan on stopping anytime soon - I have too many ideas and things I wanna get out my system."

Now with releases lined up on Swamp81 (‘Electron'/'Underground', ‘Rubba'/‘2727'),
Nonplus+ (‘You Tell Me'/‘Breezin'') & Naked Lunch (‘Grand Prix'), and even a remix for Photek (‘101'), it seems the Boddika takeover is only just beginning.

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