Formed in Toronto, Ontario in 2005, THE CREEPSHOW has redefined the saying "No Rest For The Wicked". Since their inception, the band has brought their genre-defying blend of country-tinged, psycho punk rock n' roll to over 25 countries worldwide with plans to conquer many more as soon as possible. Fronted by the fiery Sarah Blackwood (guitar/vox) and backed by the swarthy Sean "Sick Boy" McNab (stand-up bass/vox), The Reverend McGinty (sermons/organ/vox) and the righteous Sandro Sanchioni on drums, THE CREEPSHOW is an explosion of live energy that is a tasty treat for the ears and eyes alike.

***Named as "One of the top bands you need to know about in 2009" by Alternative Press.

THE CREEPSHOW's passion for touring is borderline obsessive-compulsive. They have an incredibly personal dedication to their fans and their live show that is nothing short of astounding. Watching their set is a full frontal assault on all your senses and you definitely have to stay on your toes when you're at one of their shows. You never know when or if Sarah might decide jump off Sean's stand-up bass and launch herself across the stage or drop a size 6 TUK creeper upside the head of unruly photographers. THE CREEPSHOW have shared the stage with countless awesome bands including Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Eagles Of Death Metal, Faith No More, Tiger Army, The Unseen, Alexis On Fire, Agnostic Front, Paramore, Janes Addiction, Mad Sin and have appeared on killer touring fests like Warped Tour, Ink n' Iron, Festival Of Fear, Mighty Sounds, Rebellion and Australia's Soundwave Festival.

***Winner of the FU Award for "Best Live Band" by Edge 102 (Canada's biggest rock radio station.

THE CREEPSHOW's debut album "Sell Your Soul" came out in 2006 and immediately caught the attention of fans and press worldwide. At this time the band was fronted by Jen Blackwood, Sarah's big sister. Jen later became pregnant and that is when Sarah took over full time in the band. With the onslaught of media attention and demand from fans, the band dropped everything and embarked on an endless tour across the USA, Canada and Europe. At they very beginning of their European tour, they were hijacked by fake cops in Spain and robbed of nearly everything they had. While most sane bands would have hung their heads and called it a day, THE CREEPSHOW sucked it up and finished the remaining 5 weeks of the tour without batting a lash. That's just how they roll.

*** "Seriously, if you like psychobilly bands with great female vocals you'll love this album and this band. It really is a must-have for fans of this genre" - Punknews - 4 outta 5 stars

In 2008, THE CREEPSHOW took a month off from the road to go into the studio and record the stunning follow up "Run For Your Life". This time around the fan and media response was off the chain. Seriously. Rave reviews came flowing in like a flood so the band packed up and headed out on tour again, bringing their revamped, insane live show to the farthest reaches of the earth. The album also caught the attention of Hellcat Records and THE CREEPSHOW became the first Canadian band to sign to the label!

*** "Not all great rock n' roll needs to be performed by complete greasebags. As THE CREEPSHOW prove, you can look great while rockin' a city to it's foundations" - Chart Magazine.

In 2010 THE CREEPSHOW released their 3rd full length album THEY ALL FALL DOWN. This record tested new waters for the band as they stepped further in to a pool of punk rock. Lyrically the album is by far the most intense of all the albums. This record almost feels like it's a FUCK YOU in the face of doubt and shows the bands real passion for staying true to music and following the windy almost impossible road of continuing in the music industry as a hard working indie band. Sound-quality-wise, THEY ALL FALL DOWN is a huge step up for the band. When listening to the songs, it is apparent that the band spent more time making sure everything was exactly how it was supposed to be.

With their unwavering work ethic and unfaltering love of touring, THE CREEPSHOW will continue to chart unchartered waters and break new ground. Upcoming tour plans include about a zillion shows in the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and everywhere in between...Be on the lookout for the Creepshow when they hit your town..cuz they will most definitely be on the lookout for you.

Please note you must be 14 or over to gain admittance - read our ID policy.

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